College is the place you’ll call home for some of the most transformational years of your life, so the people you encounter are as important as the location you choose. 在W&L, you’ll find a sense of community that is evident on and off-campus.

You’ll hear it in our Speaking Tradition, which encour年龄s students and faculty to greet friends and strangers alike. You’ll experience it in the close relationships between students and faculty. You’ll feel it in the bonds that develop between classmates while participating in clubs and activities. You’ll appreciate it in the camaraderie of teammates who share the love of a sport. 

作为一个W&L student, you will become part of a vibrant, welcoming community of individuals who have their own unique interests and dreams, who share core values of honor, integrity, and civility, and who spend four years in Lexington building friendships that last a lifetime.

The Campus Unity Initiative

The Campus Unity Initiative is a series of events and activities that occurs every other week. Organized and produced by students, this campus-wide programming includes everything from karaoke, to interesting speakers, to free food. This programming is open to all students — first-years to seniors — and is a great casual way to meet students from all areas of campus.

Inclusion and Eng年龄ment

We are committed to the recruitment, enrichment and retention of students, faculty and staff who embody many experiences, cultures, points of view, interests and identities. As eng年龄d citizens in a global and diverse society, we seek to advance a positive learning and working environment for all through open and substantive dialogue.

The Honor System

The Honor System at W&L is entirely student-run. It is based on the fundamental principle that students will not lie, 作弊, steal or otherwise violate the community’s trust. The result is an environment that is collaborative, not cutthroat, and where rational discourse is the norm rather than the exception.


在W&L, we are sensitive to the stewardship of natural resources and mindful of their responsibility to future generations. Our commitment to sustainability includes  a plan to become carbon-neutral by 2050, and it can be spotted in projects big and small across the W&L campus

Launch Ruscio Center for 全球 Learning

全球 and Diverse

W&L students are eng年龄d citizens of a global and diverse community.


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"W&L has given me the opportunity to be part of a community of amazing people who are not only genuinely passionate about what they’re interested in, but also very genuine people who care about the community around them."

Elizabeth MugoColumbia, South Carolina